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The information on this page belongs to the Core Activity of Distribution. EAC applies an Operational Unbundling System, as specified in the Regulatory Decision 04/2014 of the Cyprus Regulatory Authority (CERA). Based on this Decision, the four Core Regulated Activities of EAC are Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Supply. Also, a Non Regulated Activities Unit has been formed.>>learn more.
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Contacts for information

Please contact the following numbers only for information regarding Electricity Provision Methods

1.    Lefkosia – Keryneia - Morfou Area Office

            Costas Stasopoulos             - tel.: 22202010

            Antonis Loizides                   - tel.: 22202013

            Fanos Kailos                          - tel.: 22202059

            Elena Aristidou                     - tel.: 22202031

 2.   Ammochostos - Larnaka Area Office


            Costas Mesimeris                    - tel.: 24204010

            Elisavet Constantinidou          - tel.: 24204031

            Constantia Pakkou                  - tel.: 24204032

3.    Lemesos Area Office

             Andreas Kyprianou              - tel.: 25205011

            Thomais Loukaidou             - tel.: 25205033

             Nicos Christofi                     - tel.: 25205030

 4.    Pafos Area Office

Polykarpos Mouzouris         - tel.: 26206180
Kyriaki Argakiotou                - tel.: 26206032
Eleni Sofokli                           - tel.: 26206031


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