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The information on this page belongs to the Core Activity of Distribution. EAC applies an Operational Unbundling System, as specified in the Regulatory Decision 04/2014 of the Cyprus Regulatory Authority (CERA). Based on this Decision, the four Core Regulated Activities of EAC are Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Supply. Also, a Non Regulated Activities Unit has been formed.>>learn more.
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New Charging Policy

According to the Law on Regulating the Electricity Market of  2003-2012, the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA ) acting within the framework conferred by Articles 26 (1), 31 and 32 , DECIDED and APPROVED on  the 26th of September, 2013, the New Charging Policy of the EAC for connection to the Distribution System. CERA notes that the competent department of EAC for Publishing, Managing and Implementing the Charging Policy is the Distribution System Operator.



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