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The information on this page belongs to the Core Activity of Distribution. EAC applies an Operational Unbundling System, as specified in the Regulatory Decision 04/2014 of the Cyprus Regulatory Authority (CERA). Based on this Decision, the four Core Regulated Activities of EAC are Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Supply. Also, a Non Regulated Activities Unit has been formed.>>learn more.
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Meter Reading

​On this page you may report electronically the reading of your meter.

If your premises are closed, or generally if your meter had not been possible to be read by the authorized EAC employee who visited your premises, you may provide the reading of your meter/meters by communicating with us within 2 days from the date written on the card left for you by the EAC employee.

In the event that you do not respond within this time period, your bill will be issued on the basis of an estimated consumption. For the same purpose you may communicate with the EAC Customer Contact Center at the free phone number 80006000.

Complete your personal details, the number of your meter/meters, their reading/s and your 10 digit premise number, which is shown on your bill. You can enter any supplementary information (e.g. I will be away during December) in the relative field.​

​If we have any questions we will communicate with you the soonest possible. Complete your details as required at each appropriate space and press the SEND button.

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