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Bill payment with monthly installments

Benefits of the Plan

• Evens out seasonal fluctuations of your electricity bill

• Helps you plan your monthly budget


Main features of the Plan

• This plan applies only to Domestic Customers
• The plan operates on a monthly basis and each cycle covers a period of 12 months
• At the end of each 12month cycle the plan is automatically renewed
• The monthly installment, calculated by EAC, is based on the history of electric energy consumption at your premises and the current fuel cost charge
• After measuring the premises' consumption, the amount of the monthly installment is revised during the year, and the installment is readjusted, If necessary, to avoid large credit or debit balances at the end of the 12month cycle
• The total actual amount that a customer will eventually be charged for the 12month cycle if he joins the plan is the same with the amount he would be charged if he didn’t join. Meter reading and the relevant bill issue for this service will continue to be carried out on a bi-monthly basis as before joining the plan. At the end of the 12month cycle the amount charged will be compared with the amount paid via the monthly payments. The final payable/returnable amount will be equally spread over the following 12month cycle.
• For information purposes only the Domestic Customers of this plan will continue to receive the bimonthly bill. Those Customers who will choose to settle their installment in a method other than Direct Debit or Payroll will also receive a monthly reminder that should be presented for payment
• Monthly installments can be settled:
- By direct debit from your bank account (direct debit orders are available at the EAC Customer Service Centres)
- At EAC Customer Service Centres, Banks, Cooperative Banking Institutions
- With a bank card through our website or the website of any bank
- Through your payroll (if this facility is offered by the employer)

• In order to join the plan fill in an application form which may be found at any EAC Customer Service Centre or alternatively print the application found here and send it to an EAC Customer Service Centre by post or by fax

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