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1800 and 1818 for better service from EAC

EAC is changing in order to serve you better!

EAC is implementing the Operational Unbundling of its activities and, beginning today, has two separate four-digit Contact Centre numbers:  

- 1800 for Network Users and

- 1818 for EAC Supply Customers.

The Network Users Contact Centre – 1800 – enables EAC to assist and inform all network users quickly and efficiently, about its services in the following areas: 

  • Faults

  • Emergencies (life-threatening situations)

  • Tree pruning, street lighting and EAC network-related issues

  • Applications for connections, network transfers and additional load. 

The Supply Customer Contact Centre – 1818 – which is the new number of the EAC Billing Service, provides information about:  

  • The outstanding amount of your bill

  • The last date of payment of your bill

  • Information and explanations about your bill

  • Ways of settling your bill

  • Obtaining your bill by e-mail

  • Connections, reconnections/disconnections/transfers and tariff information. 

A considerable amount of information related to your bill may be obtained automatically just by providing your EAC account number.

Now, everything you want from EAC is just a phone call away.   




Press Officer: 27 March 2018     


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