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"WeGreen Cyprus"

Protecting the environment actually means protecting life itself. This is a strategic pillar of EAC's Corporate Social Responsibility and is supported by targeted efforts and actions. The organization has responded immediately to the Commissioner's for the Environment invitation with economic support, with the purchase of 50% of the trees that are needed for the reforestation of the Solea and Argaka areas and the purchase of the artificial birds' nests, but also with the active participation of its employees in the campaign "WeGreen Cyprus".



The environmental policy practiced by EAC is harmonized with the aims of the Cyprus Energy Policy and that of the European Union for 2020, as well as the institutional interventions for the climate change and the protection of the environment.

Aiming at the development of its business operations in total harmony with society and the environment, EAC has determined an environmental internal and external policy.    

The internal policy concerns the effort for reducing the environmental repercussions from its actions and the external focuses on widening the environmental perception of its customers' and other social groups.  

Every business operation is determined by an ethical framework. This is what determines our responsibility so that we continually lean towards the residue reduction of our environmental footprint. This is why our Organization contributes to the handling of the climate change, through its effort of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions and the broadening of the array of the energy sources it uses by increasing the use of Renewable Energy Sources.

Regarding the reduction of energy consumption, EAC is planning informative actions and the pilot installation of "Smart Meters". We follow closely the development of new technologies for the production of clean, cheap and sustainable energy in the future and the possibility for applying them in the Cyprus environment.

Using sustainability as our compass, we take action in protecting the environment that surrounds our premises. We have specialized management systems for handling the material and supplies used in EAC's daily operations.

Special care is taken where the Power Stations have been constructed. Specifically, during the construction of Vasilikos Power Station, EAC has taken up tree planting thus creating a small forest. This forest was destroyed with the explosion at the neighboring Nautical Base on July 2011. 

With the reconstruction of the Power Station, EAC also acted on the reforestation of the area.

In addition action is taken:

- Where there are overhead lines amongst forest areas

- At the areas surrounding the transformers

- At the low voltage distribution network, with the placement of the bundle contractors that prevent possible short circuits.

 All EAC employees will join their power on this import and voluntary action so that we all together give to this burned land…Green Energy for Life!

EAC President's Message

Andreas Marangos

For more information on the "WeGreen Cyprus" campaign please visit the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment at  


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