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Research and Technological Development (RTD)

​Within EAC’s efforts to achieve an effective and, at the same time, viable development is the applied scientific research. Scientific research is the foundation block for the creation of innovative and competitive technologies and methodologies. EAC research and development activities have already reached a mature stage with significant success regarding the submission and succesful evaluation of scientific research proposals. This success was based on the sufficient know-how and experience of EAC scientific personnel. Through the ongoing participation of EAC in research programs, EAC achieves the partnerships with other technical institutions and research centres, the acquisition of useful experiences and the exchange of knowledge in specialized topics such as, environmental management, renewable energy sources, distributed generation, etc. This results in the development of management abilities regarding new technologies and the acquisition of experiences for the benefit of the Cyprus society. European funded research projects Research on advanced combined cycle technologies: Combined Cycle Power Plant with Integrated low Temperature Heat (LOTHECO)   Research on green hydrogen: Cluster Pilot Project for the Integration of RES into European Energy Sectors using Hydrogen (RES2H2) Research on advanced gas turbine technologies: Mixed Air – Steam Turbines using Liquid Fuels (MAST B LIQUID) Research on distributed generation: The birth of a European Distributed Energy Partnership that will help the large-scale implementation of distributed energy resources in Europe (EU-DEEP) Research on carbon dioxide capture technologies with hydrogen production: Carbon dioxide capture via hydrogen energy technology (CACHET) Research in RES technologies and distributed generation: Promotion and consolidation of all RTD activities for renewable distributed generation technologies in the Mediterranean region (DISTRES) Research on distributed generation with the use of storage systems: Grid Reliability and Operability with Distributed Generation using Flexible Storage (GROW-DERS) Research in wind energy technologies: Pilot Demonstration of eleven 7MW-Class WEC at Estinnes in Belgium (7MW-WEC-by-11) Research in intelligent monitoring, control and security: Intelligent Monitoring Control and Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems (IntelliSYS) Research in concentrated solar thermal power generation technologies: The development and verification of a novel modular air cooled condenser for enhanced concentrated solar power generation (MACCSol) Research in cogeneration of electricity and desalinated water: Solar thermal power generation and water (STEP-EW)  Research on smart net metering for the integration of PV technology: Smart net metering for promotion and cost-efficient grid-integration of PV technology in Cyprus (LIFE+ SmartPV) Research on information and communication technology platform: Social electricity online platform (SEOP)   National funded research projects  Research on hydrogen based distributed generation: Development of Distributed Generation system based on hydrogen fuel cell technology with zero CO2 emissions (H2/CELLS) Research on nitrogen oxides abatement technologies: Development of an industrial Lean H2 DeNOx technology (HYDRONOX) Research in transmission system: Development of an innovative methodology based on constant monitoring of the high cables for the detection of possible flaws by the identification of electrical discharges (KORONA)
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