​Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition / Distribution Management System - SCADA/DMS

The responsibility of operating a safe, reliable and efficient electric energy distribution network is a core activity of the Distribution System Operator.
According to the Electricity Market Law, the Distribution System Operator Unit is responsible for maintaining a secure, reliable and efficient electricity distribution network with the following:

  1. The continuous monitoring of the operating parameters
  2. The settings management for all the Distribution System equipment with the goal of maintaining the functionality of the system in between the parameters that are provided by the Transmission Distribution Rules (RMS)
  3. Optimizing system reliability indices
  4. The reliable integration of RES into the Distribution System.
  5. To minimize losses and system operation costs.
  6. The optimal fault management in the system to minimize discomf​ort and the connection loss to consumers-producers.

The DSO, in order to manage effectively and optimize the integration of RES into the Distribution System and to be able to respond to its obligations and responsibilities has proceeded, with the contribution of Technical Consultants, to the detailed planning, design and preparation of the technical specification for the implementation of a complete modern SCADA/DMS System. The principal aim of this project is the efficient operation of the distribution network through the monitoring and control of the network and the energy flow in real-time.

The Project includes both the necessary equipment and software as well as the establishment of the National Distribution Control Center (NDCC), the Reserve Distribution Control Center (Reserve NDCC) and four regional Distribution Control Centers that will provide for the Authority, as the Distribution System Operator, the necessary tools for the complete and centralized management of the Distribution network, both for the day-to-day operations as well as faults. 


Through the aforementioned Distribution Control Centers and the network management advanced applications, which the SCADA/DMS will include, there will be a continuous monitoring and control of the distribution system 24hours a day/365 days a year that will enable the effective management of the increasing penetration of generation from Renewable Energy Sources. The centralized management and control of the distribution network will also help in maximizing the maximum RES penetration, which creates challenges to the DSO because of its intermittent nature. This is why this project is of crucial importance to the organization and the country in general. SCADA2EN.png

In addition to establishing the National and Regional Distribution Control Centers, the project includes many other aspects such as:

  • Automation of the distribution network by installing remote-controlled equipment on ground mounted medium voltage (MV) substations and on the overhead MV network. 
  • Develop a reliable and economically viable telecommunications network
  • Adapt existing and develop new distribution network operating procedures
  • Interfaces with a number of enterprise systems
  • Interfacing with the Transmission SCADA/EMS system  for data exchange


The wide range of network management applications to be deployed within the project will allow the optimization of the distribution network operation and contribute in the increased situational awareness of the system state, which will lead to minimizing the interruption of supply to network users. The interconnection of the SCADA/DMS System with the GIS system and the integration with specialized applications for the management of disturbances (Outage Management System – OMS) will constitute valuable tools for minimizing the outage duration to the consumers and other network users as well as the improvement of the quality of supply

The investment in this critical infrastructure also requires corresponding investment in human resources.

The recruitment staff that will undertake the implementation and the support of the SCADA/DMS System has begun and it is due to be completed. The recruitment of shift staff that will perform the 24-hour operation of the Distribution Control Centers is also an important element of the whole project.​