​​1.     Energy Efficiency Services & Energy Performance Contracts

ESCO AHK LTD is a subsidiary of Electricity Authority of Cyprus and has been established specifically for the provision of Energy Services. ESCO's main business sector is the provision of energy services under Energy Efficiency Agreements.

In this context, ESCO AHK LTD has been registered as an Energy Service Provider at the Register kept by the Energy Service of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry under the Government Regulations "Κ.Δ.Π."  210/2014 - The Energy End-Use Efficiency and Energy Services (Energy Service Providers) 2014 Regulations ", as amended.

The purpose of Energy Efficiency Agreements to be concluded by ESCO AHK LTD with its customers is to utilize the high level of know-how available to the EAC, while taking well-calculated and fully controlled financial risks to achieve agreed goals.

Energy Efficiency Agreements fall under the provisions of the Regulations 210/2014. These Conventions describe the following:

  • the design and management of the provided energy services

  • the methodology for estimating the energy saved and valuing the resulting total economic benefit

  • the purchase, installation and operation of the necessary energy equipment

  • the management and the process for the operation and maintenance of the equipment

  • the total cost of the project

  • the provided technical and financial guarantees and

  • the payment terms of the agreement for the company.

The Energy Performance Contracts provided by ESCO AHK LTD, include the following Energy Services:

  • the development, planning and the way of financing of energy efficiency projects

  • the Installation of more energy-efficient power generation systems

  • Installation, replacement and adjustment of the energy equipment operating conditions

  • The partial or total energy savings upgrading of the building shell

  • Installation of energy saning lighting systems

  • The installation and operation of energy management systems

  • Any other possible action for saving energy and improve energy efficiency

​​​2.      Energy Audits


Energy audits are carried out by the Energy Auditors. The main goal of these audits is to search and investigate for changes that will improve energy efficiency through energy savings.


Following the energy audits, the energy auditors issue a report of the proposed solutions for immediate implementation as well as interventions that require further analysis and study.

More specifically, their work includes:

  • the performing of an autopsy and interviews.  Measurements and information is also collected from the site under investigation.

  • analysis of energy sizes and recording of inputs and outputs over a period of time (energy balances),

  • projections / estimations of future energy consumption and energy savings, by drawing of energy vs time charts.

  • identifying managerial modernization interventions and interventions for short, medium and long term

  • the preparation of energy audit reports

  • the design of the action plan (objectives and set of measures to be implemented in each phase, implementation phases, expenditure budgets, work monitoring procedures, measurement methodology and evaluation of the results of each phase).

3.     Studies


ESCO AHK LTD provides services such as:

  • selecting the appropriate technologies for each project

  • developing solutions for targeted energy savings

  • supporting the Energy Auditors in identifying the appropriate interventions and planning the action program

  • Further analysis and study of the existing situation and building needs based on the reports of the Energy Auditors and the development of integrated proposals for energy upgrading and energy saving measures

  • the development of energy studies, techno-economic studies and other studies required

  • the architectural and engineering design of the projects

  • the issue of technical specifications for the materials and equipment for the installation works

  • the provision of technical advisory services on energy, security and quality of building facilities and infrastructure

  • the provision of technical support for the supervision of projects in the execution of construction works, the performance of equipment testing and the commissioning of projects

  • the provision of technical support to remedy any problems during the operation of the projects and the maintenance of the faults

  • the execution of the procedures for obtaining / issuing the permits required for the implementation of the undertaken projects

  • providing t​raining services for proper energy use and energy management.

For the achievement of its objectives and obligations, ESCO AHK LTD is eligible to assign studies and services to external partners and offices as well.​