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Sustainable development    

Our commitments for sustainability

Why sustainability is important?

Climate change

Security of supply

Energy affordability 

   Vulnerable customers


Our Aim: To be a leader in sustainability 


How we support our work

Sustainability governance

Executive responsibility

Governance bodies

Our stakeholders

Community investment

Policy and regulation

Our sustainability achievements


Our Performance and ambitions

Executive summary

Our performance

Our ambitions

  Responsible contribution to the society

  To have high performing people

  To achieve a world-class, zero harm environmental record and minimizing our environmental footprint

  Ensuring our customer needs are met


Energy generation

Thermal power generation

Environmental performance

Landscape recovery

Protection of the sea

Renewable generation


Wind parks

Biomass units


Electricity Energy Sales Mixtures


Energy policy

Governmental energy policy

Climate change challenges

EAC Energy policy

Customer Contact Centers
1800 Faults/ Tree Pruning/ Street Lighting/ Applications
1818 Accounts
80006000 Meter Reading
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