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Customer Contact Center


Aiming at the continuous upgrade of the services offered to its customers, EAC proceeded with the establishment of the Customers’ Contact Centre (CCC).

The CCC will enable EAC to offer high standard services to its customers by providing information in a fast, qualitative and effective manner in the following areas:

  • Meter Reading
  • Accounts
  • Faults/Complaints
  • New Applications
Below is an overview of the services provided by the CCC.

Meter Reading

This service enables customers whose meters have not been read (e.g. there was no access to their premises) to call the free phone number 8000 6000 on a 24-hour basis. Customers must key-in the 10-digit Premise Number that appears on the card left in their premises by an authorized EAC employee. Then the meter reading must be entered, which if correct, is automatically accepted. If the reading is not correct or a customer is for any reason unable to enter the reading, the call is transferred to a customer service representative.


For the Accounts service, customers can call the 4-digit telephone number 1800. Information can be provided in such areas as account balance and other details, methods of payment, the procedure to be followed for connections/disconnections and transfers, domestic tariffs etc. Information can be supplied to our customers either automatically by entering their account number or directly by a customer service representative.

Faults and Complaints

The CCC Faults and Complaints service has replaced and reinforced the services previously provided by the Island wide Faults Reporting Centre (IFRC). This service aims to offer customers a full qualitative telephone response during severe faults which cause extensive power cuts. EAC customers are adequately informed about the areas affected by the interruptions and the time required for the restoration of supply.

In addition, this service covers the daily routine work enabling EAC to effectively respond to the daily isolated faults on the network and on consumer premises as well as on street lighting. Moreover, customer complaints concerning EAC network such as tree pruning, street lighting problems etc. are recorded.

Customer calls concerning faults are routed via the 4-digit telephone number 1800 at the CCC to Customer Service Representatives, recorded electronically and subsequently the fault reports are directed to the stand by technicians of the particular Area for repair.

New Applications

Customers will be able to call the 4-digit telephone number 1800 from anywhere in Cyprus and receive information, either automatically or from customer service representatives, about the accompanying documentation required for an application for electricity supply and also regarding the stage their application has reached.


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