​Statement by the EAC Board of Directors and Management

​​In response to the recent announcement by the EAC Trade Unions, in which they call for strike action to be taken on Thursday 17 November and Wednesday 23 November 2022, the EAC Board of Directors wishes to state the following: 

  • In today's international atmosphere of uncertainty and social anxiety around energy, it is essential that all stakeholders demonstrate responsibility, good sense and empathy. When society is being tested, with the price of electricity being set in accordance with factors beyond the Authority's control, additional tensions and pressures should not be placed on citizens.

  • The announcement of strike measures by the EAC Trade Unions constitutes a social provocation, which the Board and Management of the Organisation cannot condone. Such measures inconvenience the public and harm EAC.

  • The Board and Management strive to help EAC deal with the huge challenges that lie ahead and to achieve its mission as the stable pillar of energy supporting the country's progress.

  • In the context of the open dialogue and understanding that they maintain with all stakeholders, the EAC Board of Directors and Management recently held a number of meetings with the Trade Unions to examine issues of concern to the Organisaton. The latest meeting took place on Friday 11 November 2022 (before the strike measures were announced), as always in the framework of the mutual respect and clearly defined roles that ensure the integrity of the functioning of EAC and place the achievement of the Organisation's mission for the country and its citizens above all other considerations.

  • The EAC Board and Management call upon the Trade Unions to re-examine and review their decisions so as to avoid inconveniencing consumers and the public.




Press Office:  15 November 2022