Customer Supply Chart


Dear customer,

As a result of our accession to the European Union on 1st May 2004, marked changes have occurred in the structure and operations of the Electrical Energy Sector.

As of 1st May 2004, 35% of the electricity market was liberalised for the big consumers. It should be noted that from 1st January 2009 the electricity market will be opened to all non domestic consumers, whilst from 1st January 2014 all electricity consumers will be able to choose their Supplier of electrical energy.
In the new liberalised environment that has been created, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) is developing into a customer-oriented and friendly Semi-Government Organisation that will continue to be the leader in the Energy and Services Sector.

The EAC's mission is to provide the best possible services to its customers. That is why Management and staff have committed themselves to providing a top quality and reliable electricity service to our customers.

In order to achieve this goal, we are engaging in a very significant investment programme over the next number of years to upgrade and develop our network system and installations with utmost respect to the environment introducing new technology and IT systems and constantly improving our services to customers. To this effect, we are introducing the Customer Charter. The introduction of the Customer Charter reflects our confidence in our plans and in the commitment of our staff to provide you with a top class service.

The Customer Charter describes the services that we guarantee to provide and honour as electricity licensed Supplier. The Charter also includes other useful information.

If we fail to honour any of the guarantees that are included in the Customer Charter we will pay you an indicative amount of money as compensation to this effect. However, we will continue to improve and develop, so as to provide you with the best of services and to satisfy effectively all your power needs.​


If you had submitted a written complaint regarding your electricity bill (i.e. charging parameters, correctness of bill, total amount etc), we guarantee to investigate the issue and inform you accordingly within 3 working days.

If we fail to honour this guarantee, we will pay you €17,09 , by automatically crediting your next coming electricity bill.


If you had submitted an application or a complaint regarding our services, we guarantee to reply clearly and responsibly within 20 working days.

If we fail to honour this guarantee, we will pay you €17,09, by automatically crediting your next coming electricity bill, provided that you had submitted an "application for compensation" to this effect within 10 working days from the expiration of the guaranteed period. The application for compensation should be made made by completing the "application for compensation" ​form, which can be obtained from any of the EAC Customer Service Centres.​



In all our  Supply Services guarantees, as described in the Customer Charter, the time starts counting from the following working day from the date/time the call or application was made. 

Sometimes, exceptional circumstances prevent us from meeting your service requests. Examples of such circumstances are:​

  • EAC employees on labour disputes or strike

  • An act or neglect on your behalf, which can cause violation of Laws and Regulations

  • Your call or complaint had been made to a different address or telephone number than the ones notified/announced by EAC

While we cannot offer guarantees in these cases, we will try to give you the best possible service.

Any payments made by EAC under this Charter for failure to meet the high standards that we have stated are made without any admission of legal liability on the part of EAC. These payments are an indication of our determination and confidence to offer you a top quality service.

​​​If you are not satisfied with any of our explanations/replies or response time to your complaint/queries, you can refer the matter to the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA), which can arbitrate on disputes concerning the Customer Charter.


 ​Contact Telephone numbers

For your best service EAC has Offices and Customer Service Centres (CSC) in all towns of free Cyprus.​​

Supply Customer Contact Center - Island Wide Numbe​r: 1818


Customer Service Centres





LEFKOSIA Lefkosia-Keryneia- Morfou Area Office

15 Foti Pitta 1065 Lefkosia

P.O.Box 21413 1508 Lefkosia




Strovolos CSC

11 Amphipoleos Street

2025 Strovolos

P.O.Box 24506

1399 Nicosia



Kakopetria CSC

58 Arch. Makarios 2800 Kakopetria




Lemesos Area Office

55 Agiou Andreou 3036 Lemesos

P.O.Box 50121 3601 Lemesos



Agiou Athanasiou CSC

4 Sotiri Tofini

4102 Agios Athanasios



Platres CSC

16 Arch.Makarios 4820 Platres




Ammochostos-Larnaka Area Office

95 Griva Digheni Aven. 6043 Larnaka 

P.O.Box 40186 6301 Larnaka



Paralimni CSC

4A Protaras Avenue 

5288 Paralimni

P.O.Box 33047

5310 Paralimni




Pafos Area Office

87 Eleftheriou Venizelou Avenue 8021 Pafos

P.O.Box 60057

8100 Pafos



Polis Chrysochou CSC

6 Arch.Makarios G' 

8820 Poli Chrysochou