In accordance with CERA's Regulatory Decision 04/2014 concerning the Operational Unbundling of the EAC's activities, the Authority proceeded to set up the Non-Regulated Activities Unit, which covers all the EAC's Non-Regulated Activities. These are operationally and clearly separated from its Regulated Activities and each one is costed separately in a fair and transparent manner.

The EAC's Non-Regulated Activities cover a wide range of activities, including the Monitoring of Internal Electrical Installations, the Desalination Plant, Street Lighting maintenance, the study, supply and installation of Photovoltaic Systems for third parties, other contracting work, such as the laying of cables for third parties, the use/exploitation of Telecommunications Infrastructure for other commercial use than that required for the electricity network, the provision of Electricity Services and any other non-regulated activities. The Head of the Non-Regulated Activities Unit answers to the General Manager of the EAC. 

The overall responsibilities of the Non-Regulated Activities Unit include the following:

  • Implementing the EAC's strategy to help it achieve its goals.
  • Maintaining the profitability of Non-Regulated Activities and submitting proposals for the development of new profitable activities.

  • Informing the EAC's Management and Board of the progress and developments in its projects.

  • Understanding the demands created by the need for genuine independence of Non-Regulated Activities from the Business Units and their Accounting Unbundling, so that the EAC's operations remain compliant with European Directives, the laws of Cyprus, and the relevant Regulatory decisions.

  • Effective coordination, close monitoring and constant evaluation of all projects, so that the services offered are competitive with those offered by the Cypriot and international markets.

  • Implementation of the EAC's Code of Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct, and of every other regulation and/or Law concerning and enforced by the EAC.​