Transmission Substations, Construction, Protection and Maintenance

​​​​Project ​Manag​ement, New Technologies, Procurement ​​​​

​Project Management​

  • Tendering preparation for purchacing of equipment and new substations and extensions 

  • Preparation and updating of the equipment specifications

  • Tender drawings

  • Investigation and Application of New  Technologies 

  • Formulation of Policies and Technical Instructions, application of quality management system.

System Protection 

  • Maintenance of all the primary protection of the Transmission Lines and Transformers 

  • Erection, Parameterization and Commissioning testing of the new protection relays for Network extension and fault repairs 

  • Parameterization - configuration and commissioning of Substation automation systems and SCADA 

Parameter measurements

  • ​Transmission Line parameter measurement

  • Power transformer parameter mesurements, losses, winding ohmic resistance measurements, FRA etc 

  • Step & touch voltage measurements in new substations with specialized instruments 

  •  Substation HMI and Engineering PCs management and backup​