VPS Desalination Plant

​In 2012, was built in the area of Vassilikos Power Station, the largest desalination plant in Cyprus, produced about 60,000 cubic meters of water per day.

In 2009, the construction contract was signed with Israeli company IDE Technologies Ltd, while the unit was delivered in 2012 with a final cost of 45.6 million euros. The explosion in Marine Base in July 2011 caused major damage to the Plant, causing a delay in completion of the project.

The plant processes the water in three phases:

  • ​pretreatment, is done by water filtration through 9 filters

  • main treatment by the process of reverse osmosis (SWRO), the water is purified by the reduction of boron and chlorine

  • post treatment, introduces calcium and then desalinated water is distributed to the Water Development Department.​




The Vassilikos Desalination Plant gives the EAC the opportunity to exploit synergies resulting from its existing activities and the know-how of its staff.

The Non-regulated Activities Unit is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the desalination plant as well as for the management of all external contracts relating to the 20-year contract signed in 2010 between the EAC and the Water Development Department (WDD), for selling the potable water produced.