​Control of circuits for storage heaters, water pumps, cooling systems and photovoltaic systems​

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus, as the Owner and Operator of the Distribution System, has the right but also the obligation to control the operation of various types of installations through automatic Ripple Control Receiver equipment.

The Directive below explains the way in which this control is carried out, but at the same time standard typical plans that cover all various types of installation mentioned below are presented for usage by the Engineers. Those plans can be found in the Appendices of this Directive.

  • Storage heaters: Paragraph 3 and Appendix 1
  • Water pumps: Paragraph 4 and Appendix 2
  • Cooling Elements of Central Air Conditioning Systems: Paragraph 5 and Appen​dix 3
  • Small Photovoltaic Systems up to 20 kW: Paragraph 6 and Appendix 4​

​***The Directive below is only available in Greek***​