​​​​​​Bills are dispatched by post to all urban, suburban and major rural areas. Bills can also be send to you by e-mail after filling out the appropriate Authorization Form and handing it in at one of our EAC Customer Service Centers or sending it by fax at the ​corresponding Area Office.​​​

Bills can be settled​ in one of the following ways:

At any EAC Customer Service Centers

Present your Bill to one of our Customer Service Centers along with your payment in cash, or by cheque, or by credit card. You can also mail your Bill along with your payment by check or postal order. Please do not mail cash. 
Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to the “ELECTRICITY AUTHORITY OF CYPRUS" and crossed “Account Payee only".

At any Commercial Bank 

Present your Bill on, or prior to the Due Date as indicated on the Bill, at a Bank along with full payment by cash, or cheque, or credit card of the total amount due.



You can activate an automatic bank payment of your bill via SEPA Direct Debit as follows:

By visiting one of our Customer Service Centres

Visit one of our Customer Service Centres to submit an application for SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) Direct Debit from an account you maintain at a bank in the European Economic Area. You will also need to submit the documents mentioned in the ​ "Documents Required for the Creation/Termination of a Direct Debit Mandate"​ document.


To activate a SEPA Direct Debit by email please print the “SEPA Direct Debit Mandate”, fill it out, sign it, scan it and send it by email at the email address of the regional EAC Οffice as noted below, accompanied with the documents mentioned in the document:​

Following the adoption of the European Regulation EE/260/2012, Banks in the countries of the European Economic Area are required to adopt the SEPA Direct Debit payment system. On January 9th 2014 the European Commission approved August 2014 as the final date for adoption of the SEPA system. Due to the transition to the SEPA payment system, the Cypriot Banks have stopped receiving new applications for Direct Debits. Applications are now submitted to the service providers.

Special Arrangements

Arrangements have been made with large Organizations, whereby, electricity bills may be settled by direct deduction from the employee’s salary.

Advance Payment​s

Advance Payments against account are accepted at any of our Customer Service Centers. For this purpose either bring your latest bill or know your account number.


Bill payments can be also made by bank card through the JCC website or through any  Bank Institution’s website.

​​Automatic Teller Machines-ATM

By using the ATM machines of the banks.

The email addresses and contact numbers of the regional EAC Offices are as follows:


Tel: 22202000 / 22202241 / 22202236

Email:  supplynic@eac.com.cy



Tel: 25205000 / 25205183 / 25205246 / 25205284

Email:  supplylim@eac.com.cy



Tel: 24204000 / 24204232 / 24204238

Email: supplylar@eac.com.cy



Tel: 23821277

Email: supplypar@eac.com.cy



Tel: 26206000 / 26206192 / 26206240

Email: supplypafos@eac.com.cy