​​​​​Premises Address Amendment: Change of the street name or/premise number is performed with the submission of a confirmation document from the Local Authority or Municipality. This document is accepted through mail or in person with a visit from our customer to one of our Customer Service Centers.

Mail Address change:  It can be performed following a customer’s oral or written request or after personal visit of the customer at one of our Customer Service Centers. When the customer is a legal entity (for example a company) the request must be in a written form, stamped and signed by a shareholder or a manager or an authorized person legally repr​esenting the Company.

​Name Correction: It is corrected after wrong submission or due to change of name/surname, with the presentation of a customer along with his identity card at one of our EAC Customer Service Centers. In order to change a company name the customer needs to present a certificate of change of name and certificate of shareholders.

New contact numbers: This is performed following an oral or written request at one of our Customer Service Centers

Amendment of customer’s Electronic Address or submission of a new one: For receiving a bill via e-mail the customer must submit the relevant​  ​application​​ by fax, email or by visiting one of  EAC’s Customer Service Centers.  ​