PowerStation Capacity

​​​​Since Cyprus has no primary sources of energy, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) depends entirely on imported fuel, mainly heavy fuel oil, for electricity generation. At present, the EAC owns and operates three Power Stations with a total installed c​apacity of 1478 MW as follows: 


Vasilikos Power Station


3 x 130 MW Steam Units

390 MW

1 x 38 MW Open Cycle Gas Turbine

38 MW

2 x 220 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Units

440 MW


Dhekelia Power Station


6 x 60 MW Steam Units

360 MW

2 x 50 MW Internal Combustion Units

100 MW



Moni Power Station


4 x 37.5 MW Open Cycle Gas Turbines

150 MW



Total Installed Capacity

1478 MW


 Α Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Unit of a capacity of 160 MW is expected to be delivered for commercial operation in 2024.