​​​​​​​​​​​​The Core Regulated Activity (CRA) of Supply is one of the four CRAs that the EAC has incorporated with the aim of facilitating its operation while complying with the requirements of the Laws Regulating the Electricity Market of 2003 to 2015 and CERA's Regulatory Decision 04/2014.

Supply-related activities are carried out by the Supply Unit, which belongs to the EAC's Generation & Supply Unit.

 The Supply Unit is responsible for:

  • The provision of electricity supply services

  • Drawing up supply contracts

  • Maintaining customer records

  • Organising and operating the Customer Service Centres with regard to the electricity supply (issuing, sending, monitoring and payment of bills, connection and re​connection orders, customer information and customer support on supply issues)

  • The smooth operation of the Contact Centre and all EAC customer service systems 

  • Management and resolution of complaints concerning bills, service and tariffs

  • Electricity Market participation and​ sales of electricity

Area Office Supply Activities

 The daily activities of the Supply Unit are mainly carried out from the EAC's Area Offices, with its Head Offices providing valuable and substantial support services.

For the best possible customer service, the Supply Unit operates 10 Customer Service Centres across Cyprus, which provide, among others, the following services:

  • Payment of electricity bills, Supply Terms & Conditions, credit notes, returned cheques, and reconnection charges following disconnection due to non-payment.   

  • Customers can visit any Customer Service Centre or send a letter requesting changes to their electricity bill data, e.g. a wrong postal address, a change of telephone number, wrong address for electricity supply, etc.

  • Reviews of electricity bills in cases where:

  1. The meter reading was wrong.

  2. ​The meter is in a closed room and the electricity bill was based on an estimate. Meter reading was subsequently carried out by arrangement with the customer.

  3. ​​Electricity theft is reported  ​

Supply Unit at the Head Offices

EAC Head Office Departments determine the policy of the Supply Unit concerning Customer Service, Contact Centre operations, Marketing, Sales, Tariffs, the purcha​se of Energy from RES producers and the operation of the Electricity Market. 

EAC tariffs, according to the current legal framework, are set by the Cyprus Electricity Regulatory Authority (CERA), based on the relevant methodology, the key principle of which is cost effectiveness. ​