Profile Classes

Profile Classes in accordance with the Electricity Market Rules Version 2.0.0

The Profile Classes that will be used for the operation of the Competitive Electricity Market are presented below.

 The Profile Classes of the Distribution System Users are divided in two main categories based on the behavior of the Network User as shown below:​

1.     Energy Offtake Profile Classes

  • Domestic Consumers
  • Domestic Consumers with a PV system (Net Metering)
  • Small Commercial Consumers
  • Large Commercial Consumers (Except Hotel Units)
  • Large Commercial Consumers (Hotel Units)
  • Small Industrial Consumers
  • Large Industrial Consumers
  • All Commercial Consumers with a PV System (Net Billing)
  • All Industrial Consumers with a PV System (Net Billing)
  • Water Pumps
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Public Street Lighting

2.     Energy Injection Profile Classes

  • PV Systems
  • PV Systems on Rooftop
  • Wind Parks
  • Biomass Systems

The typical consumption/generation profiles of each Profile Class, presented within the attached documents, were derived based on 2022's metering data.