National Legislation


The Electricity Authority of Cyprus was established under the Electricity Development Law Cap.171 of 1952, in order to exercise and perform functions relating to the generation and supply of electric energy in Cyprus, operating within its own legal framework. Under this law EAC has the authority to enter into contracts and own property for the purposes of generation, distribution, transmission and supply of electricity.​

Electricity Law, Cap. 170

​Electricity Law regulates the generation of electricity, the transmission, the distribution, the supply and use of electricity in Cyprus. Under this Law, the Council of Minsters and the Minister of Communications and Works have the authority to issue Regulations and Codes of Conduct concerning electrical inspections. This Law also provides for the rights and duties of EAC as the sole electricity supplier in Cyprus.​


The Laws Regulating the Electricity Market, was enacted in order to transpose Directive 2003/54/EC concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity which repealed Directive 96/92/EC.  The aforementioned law provides for the regulation of the electricity market of the Republic and, among other things:

  1. Establishes the Regulatory Authority of Energy of Cyprus (CERA);

  2. Provides for the creation of a new licensing regime in respect of the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity;

  3. Establishes the framework for the arrangements between the Transmission System Owner and the Transmission System Operator;

  4. Regulates access to the transmission system and the distribution system;

  5. Allows for provision to be made in respect of Public Service Obligations and

  6. Regulates issues concerning consumer protection.​


The Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) under the powers vested to it in the provisions of Article 26(1)(a) of the Law Regulating the Electricit​y Market decided to issue Regulatory Decision 01/2015, Reg. 164/2015​, concerning the new electricity market arrangements in Cyprus.

​On 27 January 2017, CERA decided to publish Regulatory Decision 01/2017, Reg. 34/2017, for the Application of a Strict Timeframe for the full commercial operation of the New Electricity Market Model.  

Under CERA decision No. 84/2017 dated 12 May 2017, CERA decided to amend the Electrocity Market Rules published by Regulatory Decision 01/2018.

​It is currently only available in Greek

On 30 January 2017, CERA published Regulatory Decision 04/2017, Reg. 223/2017on the Application of the Transitional Regulation in the Electricity Market of Cyprus before the full application of the New Electricity Market Model.  

Transmission and Distribution Rules

According to Article 73 of the Law Regulating the Electricity Market of 2003 to 2012, L.122(I)/2003, the Transmission System Operator prepared technical rules, which define the operation of the Transmission System and specify the functional processes and principles governing the relation between the Transmission System Operator and all other Users of the Transmission System, i.e. the Producers, the Suppliers, the Distribution System Operator (EAC) and the Customers connected to the Transmission System.

The Transmission and Distribution Rules are designed to achieve the development, the maintenance and the operation of an efficient, coordinated and economically viable Transmission System whilst facilitating competition in generation and supply of electricity.

The Rules:

  • govern the technical requirements and constraints that will apply wherever license holders wish to connect to the transmission system and/or distribution system or use the transmission system or distribution system for the transportation of electricity

  • ensure that the technical conditions that apply to license holders who wish to connect to or use the transmission system or distribution system do not result in them being subject to undue discrimination

  • ​foster efficiency, reliability, and economy in the use and development of the transmission system and the distribution system

The final document includes the Distribution Rules, which are prepared by the Distribution System Operator. The Rules are applied after receiving the approval of the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA).

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Please note that the two newer versions no. 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 are only available in Greek. ​

General conditions of power supply​

 The General Conditions of Power Supply are currently only available in Greek.


On 14 November 2017, CERA issued Decision No. Αρ. 243/2017 under the title “Regulations on Electricity Energy Supply to End Consumers under Article 102 of the Law Regulating the Electricity Market". The said Regulations provide for the General Principles Electricity Energy Suppliers must follow in Cyprus, for the publication of their data, the procedure before the signing of the Supply Contract, the singing and the functioning of the Supply Contract, the provisions concerning dome​​stic customers, the role of the Supplier of Last Resort, as well as Dispute Resolution.

The Regulations are currently only available in Greek.​