National Legislation


The Electricity Authority of Cyprus was established under the Electricity Development Law Cap.171 of 1952, in order to exercise and perform functions relating to the generation and supply of electric energy in Cyprus, operating within its own legal framework. Under this law EAC has the authority to enter into contracts and own property for the purposes of generation, distribution, transmission and supply of electricity.​

Electricity Law, Cap. 170

​Electricity Law regulates the generation of electricity, the transmission, the distribution, the supply and use of electricity in Cyprus. Under this Law, the Council of Minsters and the Minister of Communications and Works have the authority to issue Regulations and Codes of Conduct concerning electrical inspections. This Law also provides for the rights and duties of EAC as the sole electricity supplier in Cyprus.​


The Law Regulating the Electricity Market of 2021 is currently only​ available in Greek.

This Law, among others:

(a) provides for the regulation of the electricity market in the Republic of Cyprus, by establishing common rules concerning the generation, transmission, distribution, storage and supply of electricity, as well as the protection of consumers, with a view to creating truly integrated, competitive , consumer-focused, flexible, fair and transparent electricity markets in the European Union,

(b) it aims to ensure affordable, transparent prices and energy costs for consumers, a high degree of security of supply and a smooth transition to a lower carbon energy emission system; and

(c) it lays down basic rules for the organization and operation of the electricity sector, in particular rules for strengthening the position and consumer protection, for open access to the integrated market and for third party access to transmission and distribution infrastructure.

General conditions of power supply​

 The General Conditions of Power Supply are currently only available in Greek.

The General Conditions of Power Supply are an Annex to the Electricity Development Regulations and they concern the activities of Distribution and Supply of electricity to network users and customers. 


The Rules are currently only available in Greek. Please enter the Greek version of the website.​

The above Rules were issued by the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) and provide, among other things, for the general principles to be followed by the licensed Electricity Suppliers in Cyprus, for the disclosure of their data, for the procedure before the signing of the Supply Contract, the singing and the functioning of the Supply Contract, the provisions concerning dome​​stic customers, the role of the Supplier of Last Resort, as well as Dispute Resolution.