Certification of EAC as an Equality Employer

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus, recognizing the important role it plays in society as a public utility Organization, as well as one of the largest employers in Cyprus, declares its commitment to promote actions aiming at promoting / strengthening gender equality and to integrate this dimension in its strategic choices.

Based on the above commitment, EAC has accepted the invitation of the Ministry of Labour Welfare and Social Insurance for certification as an Equality Employer. Upon the successful completion of the necessary processes, EAC achieved its goal and on May 28, 2015 was certified by the Cyprus Gender Equality Certification Body for the implementation of Best Practices toward Gender Equality, as an Equality Employer. This certification falls within the framework of the implementation of a co-funded by the European Social Fund and the Cyprus Republic Project entitled "Actions to reduce the wage gap between men and women" and the certification is issued by the Certification Body for the Implementation of Best Practices for Gender Equality.

EAC, beyond its constant practice of law- abiding, implemented a package of measures aiming to restore any enduring inequalities, discrimination and stereotypes between the two genders and through a long term action plan to consolidate within EAC this policy. At the same time and in the context of corporate social responsibility EAC will design, implement and diffuse actions for the benefit of society. 

​EAC, with the support and cooperation of the employee trade unions proceeded to the following measures for enlightening all of its personnel on the subject of Gender Equality: 

  • Training and awareness for Gender Equality. 

  •  The establishment of Equality Committees in each Working base -Headquarters, Area offices and power Stations. 

  • The establishment of a Central Committee for Equality, consisting of all the heads of the Equality Committees and a presiding officer from EAC'S Human Resources Department. Work of the Central Committee will be the formulation of annual action plans promoting Gender Equality and submission of relevant proposals to EAC'S Management, targeting the whole of EAC's employees.

  • Conducting of an annual anonymous employee survey as a direct means of communication with the Organization's Management which will be serving as a barometer of progress in equality issues and general satisfaction at work.

  • Forming of a group for handling harassment / sexual harassment issues by designating a responsible employee in each working basis for the management of sexual harassment indications or manifested harassment if the person harassed wishes so, before any administrative or other disciplinary measures.  The aim is to handle with delicacy and / or offer assistance to the target group that is those who consider themselves victims of harassment / sexual harassment.

By Implementing all of the above, the Authority aims to gradually eliminate all social stereotypes, prevent undesired behavior and change attitudes on Equality ​issues, strengthen  leadership skills of both men and women employees in decision-making centers. Also, the Authority aims to contribute to the promotion of women in male-dominated professions within EAC and the Cypriot labor market and the development and implementation of a Gender issues monitoring mechanism in EAC. It also aims to train its personnel on equality issues and to improve the employee work and family life balance.

Each year end the Central Committee for Equality will perform a review of the above issues which will be recorded in the Organization's Annual Report.