​​​​​​Τhe e-charge service is offered by EAC to electric vehicle owners based in Cyprus. With this service the owners of electric vehicles will have access to safe and reliable electric vehicle charging in public places where chargers have been installed.

​​​e-charge Station

The electric vehicle owner must visit any Customer Service Center of EAC to sign the service agreement contract and receive the RFID card which will give him/her direct access to all the chargers that have been installed or will be installed by EAC in the future.

The charging system infrastructure is controlled and managed by the Non-Regulated Activities Unit and monitors the charging of electric vehicle throughout the duration of the charging. The electric vehicle charging stations installed by EAC are using Mode 3 charging with two-way communication between the vehicle and the charging station throughout the duration of the charging period. There are two (2) Type 2 sockets in each charging station in accordance with the international standards and recommendations of the European Commission and Eurelectric.

Each user of the system will be charged €25.00 on the first invoice and invoices will be sent to owners of electric vehicles every two months. If the RFID card is lost or the electric vehicle owner requires an additional card, then they need to contact the Non-Regulated Activities Unit, at EAC Head Offices to reissue or issue an additional card.

The semi-fast charging stations installed by EAC allow charging of electric vehicle up to 21kW (3-Ph). In each charging station there are two (2) Type 2, charging plugs and can serve two vehicles  simultaneously at full load.

The electric vehicle​ charging stations have been installed  in public places covering the whole of Cyprus, in order to serve the electric vehicle owner to drive the electric car throughout Cyprus . In the link below you will find a navigation map with the charging stations as well as their availability.

Navigation ​Map​​​

The main target of the e-charge Service is the promotion of the electric vehicle in Cyprus in order to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions for a better and clearer environment for Cyprus and our society.

On October 14, 2015 In business News visited an EAC e- charging station in Nicosia. Read the article and watch the video here.


User Manual

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