​​​​​​The Core Regulated Activity (CRA) of Generation is one of the that the EAC has incorporated with the aim of facilitating its operation while complying with the requirements of the Laws Regulating the Electricity Market of 2003 to 2015, CERA's Regulatory Decision 04/2014 and its letter to the EAC dated 14/11/2014 in which it refers to the decision to approve the fundamental principles of the Plan to Comply with Operational Unbundling, submitted to CERA on 24/10/2014.  
Activities relating to Generation are carried out by the Generation Unit, which belongs to the EAC's Generation and Supply Business Unit.

The Generation Unit is responsible for:

  • ​Efficient, reliable and economic production of electricity
  • The management of all works relating to power station construction, maintenance and operation.
  • Planning and dev​elopment of the generation system.
  • Power station operation and maintenance.
  • Discovering and promoting new technologies, materials and maintenance and operational methods with the aim of improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • The management of generated electricity with the objective of making optimum use of the power stations.
  • The production of electricity using renewable energy sources (RES).
  • Managing and maintaining the required level of fuel stocks.

Environmental Issues

For the protection of the environment and the continuous monitoring of the air quality, two mobile air quality units, one at each operating Power Stations (Vasilikos and Dhekelia), are in continuous operation at selected sites in the vicinity of the Power Stations. These fully equipped units are capable of monitoring the ground level concentrations of dust, nitrogen oxides (ΝΟx), sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbon dioxide (CO) and ozone (O3). The units are also capable of measuring other meteorological data such as wind speed and direction, air temperature ​

and relative humidity.

Due to the high NOx emissions of the Internal Combustion Engines (ICE1) at Dhekelia Power Station, the Authority has decided the installation of a Selective Catalytic Reaction (SCR) DeNOx system on these Engines with the aim to lower these emissions. This system was put in operation at the beginning of 2017.

The Authority has installed reduction emission technologies on all Steam Units at Vasilikos Power Station for lowering the emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxides and dust on Vasilikos Units 1–3. In addition, EAC has proceeded with the construction of the required Natural Gas infrastructure at Vasilikos Power Station.​


Officers of the Generation Unit have been involved in the procedures required for the Accession of Cyprus in the European Union and the effects these will have on EAC operations and especially in matters involving the environment and the generation of electricity.

The Generation Unit prepares the verification report with calculations of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for the examination periods, based on the greenhouse gas Emissions Trading Directive. Such reports have to be verified by an external consultant and subsequently be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.