​In accordance with CERA's Regulatory Decision 04/2014 concerning the Operational Unbundling of the EAC's activities, the Authority proceeded to set up the Non-Regulated Activities Unit, which covers all the EAC's Non-Regulated Activities. These are operationally and clearly separated from its Regulated Activities and each one is costed separately in a fair and transparent manner.

The EAC's Non-Regulated Activities cover a wid e range of activities, including, the Desalination Plant, Street Lighting maintenance, the e-charge service for charging electric vehicles, the study-supply and installation of Photovoltaic Systems for third parties, other contracting works, such as the laying of cables for third parties, the use/exploitation of Telecommunications Infrastructure for other commercial use than that required for the electricity network​ and any other non-regulated activities. The Head of the Non-Regulated Activities Unit answers to the General Manager of the EAC.

The overall responsibilities of the Non-Regulated Activities Unit include the following:​​​​

  • Implementing the EAC's strategy to help it achieve its goals.

  • Maintaining the profitability of Non-Regulated Activities and submitting proposals for the development of new profitable activities.

  • Informing the EAC's Management and Board of the progress and developments in its projects.

  • Understanding the demands created by the need for genuine independence of Non-Regulated Activities from the Business Units and their Accounting Unbundling, so that the EAC's operations remain compliant with European Directives, the laws of Cyprus, and the relevant Regulatory decisions.

  • Effective coordination, close monitoring and constant evaluation of all projects, so that the services offered are competitive with those offered by the Cypriot and international markets.

  • Implementation of the EAC's Code of Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct, and of every other regulation and/or Law concerning and enforced by the EAC.