New Tenders


260/2023Μακροχρόνια Μίσθωση Γης για Ανάπτυξη Έργων από Ανανεώσιμες Πηγές Ενέργειας01/06/2024 15:00GRFree
41/2024Supply of PE Ducts and Subducting System for Fibre Optic Cable Applications and Spacing of O/H Lines 27/03/2024 15:00ENFree
386/2023Κατασκευή Καναλιών σε Υποσταθμούς Διανομής 11kV στην Περιφέρεια Πάφου27/03/2024 15:00GRFree
37/2024Supply, Delivery and maintenance of Double Cabin Pick-Up 4WD Vehicles27/03/2024 12:00 noonENFree
16/2024Supply of Compression Lugs and Joints20/03/2024 23:45 noonENFree
79/2024Supply of Cable Connector Boxes20/03/2024 12:00 noonENFree
568/2023Live Line Washing of Transmission Line Insulators Using a Helicopter15/03/2024 15:00ENFree
501/2023 Provision of the new EAC Software Defined Network (SDN) Infrastructure, including the highly redundant core Datacenter Network as well as the Pancyprian IT access network13/03/2024 15:00ENFree
580/2023Supply Delivery and Maintenance of Diesel Counterbalance Forklifts13/03/2024 15:00ENFree
15/2024Supply, Delivery, Installation, Configuration and Tuning of the National Distribution Control Centre (NDCC) Video Wall Display (VWD) System13/03/2024 15:00ENFree
52/2024Supply of Galvanised Steelwork Fittings for Aerial Bundled Conductors13/03/2024 15:00ENFree
50/2024Establishing a list of prequalified economic operators for subsequent contracts that shall follow for the supply of Recharging points for Electric Vehicles08/03/2024 15:00ENFree
27/2024 Aνέγερση Πρωτεύοντα Υποσταθμού Νέο Λιμάνι Λεμεσού 11/22kV στη Λεμεσό06/03/2024 15:00GRFree
57/2024Supply of Technical Urea Coated or Uncoated for ICE I and ICE II SCR Systems at Dhekelia Power Station06/03/2024 15:00ENFree
38/2024Supply, Delivery and maintenance of Single Cabin, two (2) Door Pick-Up Vehicles06/03/2024 12:00 noonENFree
53/2024Ανέγερση Κτιρίων Υποσταθμών Διανομής 11KV στην Περιφέρεια Λεμεσού 06/03/2024 12:00 noonGRFree