New Tenders


214/2022Voluntary Group Personal Accident Insurance 27/07/2022 23:45ENFree
156/2022Procurement of IT software systems for the participation of EAC Generation in the Cyprus Competitive Electricity Market20/07/2022 23:45ENFree
225/2022225_2022_Provision of Consultancy Services for the evaluation of EAC Generating Units’ automatic response to frequency drop, Frequency Containment Reserve capability, AGC feasibility and for the preparation of AGC technical specifications 20/07/2022 23:45 noonENFree
210/2022Supply of 22KV Silicon Rubber Insulators20/07/2022 12:00 noonENFree
197/2022Services for Point of Sales (POS)13/07/2022 23:45GRFree
187/2022Παροχή Υπηρεσιών Ανάκαμψης για την Εκτύπωση και Φακέλωση Λογαριασμών – Disaster Recovery Site (DRS)13/07/2022 23:45GRFree
217/2022Supply of Cylinder Oil for Ice Plant No.1 at Dhekelia Power Station13/07/2022 12:00 noonENFree
193/2022Supply and Installation of a Centralized Monitoring and Asset Management Platform for 407 Rooftop PV Systems06/07/2022 23:45ENFree
211/2022Supply of Low Voltage Distribution Fuseboards with Metering Devices06/07/2022 12:00 noonENFree
1001/2022Tender No. PF1/2022 - Provision of Investment Consultancy Services to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus Pension Fund01/07/2022 12:00 noonENFree
163/2022Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of 132KV Circuit Breakers29/06/2022 12:00 noonENFree
141/2022Παροχή Υπηρεσιών για Συλλογή, Μεταφορά και Εκποίηση Μπαταριών29/06/2022 12:00 noonGRFree
207/2022Προμήθεια Μπουφάν Μοτοσυκλέτας29/06/2022 12:00 noonGRFree