Street lighting/Tree pruning

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Wishing to improve our services we have made it possible for you to forward electronically your complaint in connection with the pruning of trees (affecting overhead network) or in connection with street lighting. 



If you notice a problem with street lighting (if for instance one or more street lighting lamps are burnt, or if the cover of a lantern is opened or if a certain pole or street lighting column has been hit and is dangerously inclined etc.), then fill in the electronic application below. Complete all the necessary information. From the drop down menu, choose the city of interest and the complaint type, “street lighting”. Finally, press the ‘Submit” button. ​​​

For better service give the correct details of the street name where the pole is situated and even better report the number of the pole on which the fault exists. The number is located 3 meters above the ground.

If the situation is indeed dangerous (e.g. damaged street lighting column with exposed cables, no street lighting in a whole area etc), please contact EAC's Customer Contact Center at telephone number 1800.


To report a complaint regarding trees touching EAC lines that need pruning, fill in the electronic application below. Complete all the information required, choose the city from the drop down menu of the field “city” as well as the complaint type “pruning”. Finally press the ‘Submit” button. 

For better service give correct details of the street the tree is situated as well as the type/variety of trees. 

If the situation is indeed dangerous, i.e. the lines are sparking or there is an immediate danger of a short-circuit, please call without delay the EAC's Customer Contact Centre on telephone number 1800.​

For network protection and safety, customers ought to keep the top of their trees below EAC lines. Note that EAC responds only to cases where tree branches touch the electricity lines. Priority is given according to the severity of the situation.  

Removing of cut branches is not EAC’s responsibility.  ​

To report any other fault please contact the EAC's Fault Reporting Center at telephone number 1800
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