​​​​​Activate the e-Bill service and receive your bills by e-mail, so you can:

  • ​Save paper and contribute positively to the protection of our environment

  • Be more organised and digitally archive your bills

  • Receive your bill immediately, on the day of issue

  • Have access to copies of your bills for official use

The EAC will donate the amount saved, by not printing and posting hard-copy bills, to 6 charity organizations, and you have the opportunity to choose which one from the charities listed below, you personally want to support when activating the e-Bill service:

How to submit your application for the e-Bill service

​​​​The application process to receive our electricity bill by e-mail is simple, and can be done in the following ways:


​By submitting our online application form

If you wish to receive your bill by e-mail, you can submit your application by completing our online application form.​​

​By registering/signing in on the EAC website​

If you have an account on the EAC website or EAC mobile app, sign in here and choose to receive your bill by e-mail.

If you don't have an account, register now.

Sign-in credentials are the same for both the EAC website and EAC mobile app.

Via the EAC mobile app​

Download the EAC mobile app, register/sign in, and choose to receive your bill by e-mail through the e-bill service of the MyEAC menu.

Sign-in credentials are the same for both the EAC website and EAC mobile app.


At the EAC Customer Service Centers, by email or FAX

Print the Application Form,  fill it out, sign it and hand it in at one of the EAC Customer Service Centers. The Application Form can also be sent by fax to the fax number +357 22817441, or if you wish, scan it and send it by email at callc​enter@​eac.com.cy .​