​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​RES-E HOSTING CAPACITY​

RES-E Hosting Capacity is the maximum RES capacity that can be installed at transmission substation level. It is presented in the Hosting Capacity Map that has been created by both Distribution System Operator (DSO) and Transmission System Operator of Cyprus (TSOC) as part of the Cyprus Transmission and Distribution System Redesign Study for 2021-2030, prepared as per the Cyprus Regulatory Authority Decision 02/2019. It aims to provide useful information to whom it may concern with regards to the RES-E integration capability of the Cyprus Power System.

Hosting Capacity Map is essentially a tool that geographically illustrates the RES-E Hosting Capacity per Transmission Substation. Also, the RES-E Available Hosting Capacity is presented, i.e. the remaining available RES-E integration capability, which results by subtracting the already installed    RES-E systems from the overall Hosting Capacity. It should be noted that systems that have already signed the preliminary connection terms are considered as installed.

Caution should be raised in that all information presented in the Hosting Capacity Map are indicative and non-binding for connection approval by the DSO or the TSOC, as each connection request is assessed individually and several other factors are taken into consideration. In particular, Hosting Capacity in this framework is evaluated based only on technical criteria, therefore other factors e.g. land availability are not taken into consideration. Finally, it should be noted that RES-E connection at a substation with high Available Hosting Capacity does not necessarily guarantee a faster connection implementation.

Both System Operators are disposing their active grids to any and all participants or potential participants of the Electricity Market, with full transparency and equal treatment, heading altogether towards a successful energy transition.

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(Please note that the information is currently only available in Greek)​