New electricity supply hours for thermal accumulators

 Electricity Authority Cyprus is continuously making every effort to upgrade its services, best serve its customers as well as to optimize the operation of its System with the main objective of saving energy and making more efficient use of its existing equipment and facilities.

After studying the fluctuation of electricity demand, EAC decided to differentiate the hours of electricity supply to the thermal accumulators during the period January 16th, 2021 – March 31st, 2021 operating on the basis of thermal energy storage pricing, code 56. It should be noted that, during the above period, some improvements may be made to the thermal accumulator supply program.

Care has been taken in the design of the study for both 10-hour thermal accumulators and 7-hour thermal accumulators.

Supply hours for the load group I (A02-13, Potteries / Bakeries) will remain those that apply today, throughout the year.




Day Time

Night time

Supply Between Hours



​Supply Between Hours

​Supply Duration

January 16th 2021

-March 31st 2021

​10:35 -17:10

​1hour and 45 min on average

​20:45 - 8:00

​8 hou​rs average

Detailed table of the new electricity sypply hours for thermal accumulators​

EAC customers can find out the exact delivery times for their load group, both from the EAC website and from their local Customer Service Centers.

Press Officer:  January 13, 2021