Increase in thefts of aluminium Distribution Substation doors

​The Electricity Authority of Cyprus wishes to inform the public about the recent increase in the number of thefts from EAC Distribution Substations. Specifically, the thefts have targeted the aluminium entry doors at Distribution Substations, thousands of which are located across Cyprus, most of them serving the electricity needs of the areas in which they stand. These substations take the form of small rooms that contain live equipment, such as cables, transformers, circuit breakers, power fuses, etc.


EAC notes that unauthorised entry to Distribution Substations by anyone who is not properly trained poses a high risk of electrocution.


In accordance with EAC procedures, any Substation door that has been stolen is replaced with a new steel one. At the same time, in conjunction with the Police, the Authority is studying and considering additional measures to prevent such thefts. EAC wishes to warn the public to be especially careful and never, under any circumstances, to enter a Distribution Substation. Anyone seeing that a Distribution Substation is missing a door is kindly requested to contact EAC on 1800 or 99245122 (these numbers to be used exclusively to report missing Substation doors).   




Press Office:  13 November 2022