Our ambitions


​Our focus is to lead the change in energy and each of us has a significant role to play, to bring affordable, low carbon dioxide emission energy solutions home to everyone.​​

​οur ambitions

Our Mission: To provide our customers with the highest quality of safe and reliable services in the energy sector and in other activities at competitive prices, respecting society, the environment and our people and contributing to the development of our country.

Our Ambitions: Everyone at EAC knows that each of us has a significant role to play in achieving our business goals. We all look forward to have a responsible contribution to the society, high performing people, to achieve a world-class zero harm environmental record and minimize our environmental footprint and to ensure that our customer needs are met.


Responsible contribution to the society
EAC has a positive contribution to the society in close cooperation with various organizations.

To have high performing people
Our ambition of having high performing people means we actively engage with our employees on what we do and how we do it.​

To achieve a world-class, zero harm environmental record and minimizing our environmental footprint
We believe that any adverse effects can be avoided, so our goal is zero adverse impacts on environmental issues and minimizing our environmental footprint.​

Ensuring our customer needs are met
EAC values its customers and is always looking to provide services beyond their needs.





EAC’s ambition is to make positive contribution to the society for the benefit of all. EAC supports various organizations and charities through specific actions, for instance, close cooperation with the Anti-Cancer Association and the support to the school authorities of Rizokarpaso.


Our ambition to maintain a team of high performing people means we invest in training, skills, diversity and inclusion and it means we actively engage with our employees on what we do and how we do it.
We believe that motivated, inspired employees deliver a better service for customers and more innovative solutions for our business.
Employee development and diversity in the workplace is at the heart of our ambition “to have high performing people”. This ambition ensures that we work toward helping every employee to understand their role in achieving our business strategy, providing them with the training, development and support to satisfy their goals.
• All our employees have the opportunity to get involved in volunteer programs to help our community.
• Our human resource is guided on the above by our values.
• We care for every colleague by putting Safety and Health as the top priority.
• We fight for excellent performance.
• In everything we do we use as central element our social and environmental responsibility.
• We act with integrity.
• We work as a team, an Organization.


We believe that any adverse effects can be avoided, so our goal is zero adverse impacts on Environmental issues. In order to achieve this, specific measures are taken, so that the negative effects from EAC activities in the environment and the society are minimized.

The Environmental Management represents a priority for EAC.. To support this we have implement an Environmental Management System in order to manage the environment in the best possible way.


EAC’ ambition is the provision of reliable and responsible services of our customers. To this end, EAC implements a Quality Management System according to CYS-EN-ISO9001:2008. EAC implements sophisticated software systems to manage customer complaints, applications and fault reports. The aim is to offer the best possible service towards the customer so as to satisfy the current and future needs of our customers.