Presentation of Meter Data Management System (MDMS)

The EAC Distribution System Operator Unit presented the Meter Data Management System (MDMS) to all new electricity suppliers on Friday 3 July at the Cleopatra Hotel in Nicosia.  

All the new electricity suppliers were informed about the operation of, and their connection to, the new, modern system that records and manages all their customers' meter data. They were given a presentation of all the characteristics, capability and functionality of the MDMS project, together with information regarding meter readings and essential processes.

For the opening up of the electricity market, the Meter Data Μanagement System (MDMS) is a crucial point of reference. It is a multifaceted and particularly demanding project, which will cater to the needs of consumers, suppliers, producers and, more broadly, of all stakeholders in the electricity market. According to the timetable, it is due to come into full operation in January 2021.

In his message, EAC General Manager Panayiotis Olympios noted that, “The EAC's operational and accounting unbundling has laid the foundations for the operation of an independent electricity market. The opening up of the market is a major challenge and the effort that is being made in this regard will make us all better."

The Director of the Distribution System Operator Unit, Tassos Grigoriou, stated that the future is green, sustainable and electrical. Energy transition and the constantly changing competitive electricity market are complex issues and, he said, with the MDMS, a platform is being created for two-way communication between investors and managers.   

The Meter Data Μanagement System was presented in detail by the Project Manager, Marios Pappoutis, who explained that it represents a milestone for the competitive electricity market and is a complex project, establishing reliability and transparency in meter readings. The shared objective, he said, is the satisfactory and smooth functioning of the open, competitive electricity market.  



​Press Office:  6 July 2020​