The Electricity Authority of Cyprus, pledge to achieve high levels of safety standards, continuous improvement of Health and Safety performance indicators and compliance to applicable legislative provisions, for the prevention of incidents which might result in its personnel or the general public. Towards this, the Company has developed and implements an effective and appropriate Health & Safety Management System (HSMS), which is uploaded on the EAC portal server, aiming to become a useful tool in the workplace. An introduction course on the implementation of the “Health and Safety management system”, which aims at the continuous development and improvement on occupational health and safety matters within the Organization, has been organized by the Safety Officers in collaboration with the District and Power Stations management.

The Health & Safety Management System (HSMS) is an important tool, which achieves a high level management of the Occupational Health and Safety issues. The implementation of the provisions of HSMS at all levels of the Organization aims to reduce occupational accidents and to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Through the Risk Assessment Study, the risks for all the activities that takes place in the Organization have been identified and evaluated and the appropriate measures have been implemented to prevent and eliminate dangerous situations.

The Safety Officers in collaboration with the District and Power Stations management play an essential role in the successful implementation of the Health & Safety Management System (HSMS) and its continual development and configuration based on the requirements of legislation.

The EAC Managem​ent is committed to keep a high level of standards on Health and Safety issues, to continuous in improving the Safety & Health work environment and to comply with legislations requirements in order to prevent as far as reasonably possible incidents that may result in:

• influencing health and safety of the workers,

• influencing health and safety of persons involved in the activities of the Organization,

• influencing health safety of third parties,

• loss , damage , destruction of equipment , facilities , property, environment,

• large scale of accidents,

• combination of the above,

in order to achieve a high level of standards on Health and Safety issues.​​