The Electricity Authority of Cyprus implements an efficient Quality Management system that meets the requirements of CYS EN ISO9000:2008 for all its activities excluding the power stations. The system establishes the necessary mechanisms for assessing, understanding and satisfying the customer needs and expectations and provides full control of EAC’s operational procedures.

quality policy

The Management of Electricity Authority of Cyprus have committed themselves to implement an effective quality management system which will ensure effective system control and operational integrity. The system itself was based on a thorough business process re-engineering activity which made certain that a continuous improvement culture was created, thus ensuring that quality of service and customer satisfaction is maintained at all times.

Management will continue to innovate and develop thus endeavoring to surpass customers’ expectations whilst at the same time provide services in the most efficient manner. We are on the verge of a new era and we are called upon to respond efficiently and ​effectively to the new market challenges, which are dictated by the global changes taking place.

Our aim is to improve our service levels within our sphere of operations, increasing productivity and quality service and by reducing expenditure having adopted improved administrative systems and procedures satisfying at the same time all legal and other obligations. We aim to set up an organization fully conversant and totally committed to the operations and improvement of a structured quality management system.

A Quality Manager has been appointed with absolute responsibility to ensure that the requirements of CYS EN ISO 9001: 2000/ELOT CYS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality systems and our Quality Manual are met continuously and everybody within the organization has the responsibility to be aware of their operational directives.

Our aim being to continually reduce service failures, whether internal or external and to assure our customers that we shall comply with all their requirements by constantly striving for improvement in all we do to serve them.

Our QMS will be audited on a regular basis, by internal and external auditors, to ensure continuous implementation effectiveness. We shall take particular interest in these results, which will provide a valuable measure of our success as well as help us in our continuous strive towards excellence. Furthermore, our best of efforts and attention will be concentrated to the cost of quality, that is, the price we pay for not getting things right first time.

I expect every employee to be fully aware of this Quality Policy and adopt its purpose and objectives.